Digitalizing Site Processes through BAUER Applications

  • 02/17/2023

The leverage of digital technologies in the construction industry is an emerging trend for streamlining workflows and standardizing processes leading to holistic project success. At Bauer, we developed and integrated digital tools to optimize several site procedures – making them more efficient, secure, and reliable.


Bauer’s in-house applications are user-friendly software designed to run on mobile devices such as smartphones and tablets, which are created to digitalize documentation on various site processes and replace certain manual procedures concerning site reporting and documentation. These digital innovations include the QAQC application for material and reinforcement tests, a Digital Construction Report for daily activity and progress documentation, and a digital delivery note for the inventory of site deliveries. Each application provides a fixed format for data input and documentation, accessible to be analyzed and monitored by the team and management for proper supervision of project operations.



QAQC_1        DCR_2

 BAUER in-house applications



Another powerful digital integration within Bauer’s workflow is, a digital work platform that provides a quick overview of our foundation construction projects. has a selection of functions -- including evaluation of construction data (i.e., in anchoring, drilling, grouting, etc.), automation of production data reports, and storage and distribution of site documents or files, among others.


“For our anchoring works in MCRP, we implemented our first digital forms. Here, we’re using a tablet to input actual site data, which automatically generates its reports,” said one of Bauer’s engineers regarding the use of the software platform.



Bild_Philippines interface


Furthermore, in BAUER Philippines, we equip our engineers with digital tablets as their main tool for documentation and publication of daily reports, testing records, and site activity logs. All information is automatically transmitted and stored in a cloud-based server, which can be accessed by the project team for their review and approval.



Image1_        Image_2  

 Engineers utilizing BAUER applications


Additionally, to foster a cooperative partnership with the customer, Bauer provides clients with a digital platform that they can use to track and monitor the progress of the construction project conveniently with the tip of their fingers.




Web-based portal for clients



The web-based portal displays relevant information tailored to fit the client’s needs. Project accomplishments, daily reports, test reports, as well as site visualization of progress using our in-house GIS system – all this data is accessible using smartphones or tablets so you can stay connected anytime, anywhere.


Such innovations through applications allow for the efficient digital generation of reports, effortless data collection, smooth and reliable data processing, and analysis, as well as for the digital display of processes. These digitalization efforts and innovations help improve productivity, strengthen team collaboration, and boost work efficiency to carry out the construction project more effectively.