Cebu Integrated Resort - Mixed-in-Place and Stone columns

Cebu City, Philippines

In addition to infrastructure and energy generation projects, BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc. also carries out commercial construction projects. This is also the case with the Cebu Integrated Resort, a hotel, business, and leisure complex on Kawit Island, an offshore island of Cebu City, which will offer both commercial and private investment opportunities in the future. In addition to bars, restaurants, a shopping and congress center, a casino, a theme park, and a theater, a total of three hotels are planned to be built on the site.


The foundations design of the five high-rise structures over a combined podium is based on bored piles with different pile diameters and lengths. Soil improvement through construction of Stone Columns and Mixed-In-Place (MIP™) wall was proposed to mitigate the risk of lateral spreading as well as liquefaction in the treaded area during the design earthquake. The wall protects the bored piles from lateral forces resulting from liquefaction induced soil movements and protects the buildings and other facilities such as roads along the treated shoreline from major damages. A total of 17,864 m² of MIPTM wall was produced to a depth of 11 m and 1,283 Stone (ballast) columns with a diameter of 1,100 mm and a length of 12 m were installed.