Hermosa-San Jose Transmission Line

Bulacan and Pampanga, Philippines

The 500-kV transmission line project calls for the construction of 230 steel towers over an 83km stretch, which aims to meet the transmission requirements of Metro Manila and Central Luzon. The project will provide long-term adequacy and reliability of connection between the NGCP grid and power plants that will go online in the future.

BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc. (BFPI) was first commissioned in 2018 to provide the foundation for 10 steel towers. For this package, 40 bored piles of 3000 mm diameter with depths varying from 14 m to 24 m was constructed using BG30 drilling rig. Despite the constraints in accessibility of tower locations, the package was completed ahead of schedule. As the transmission line is built along agricultural lands, the project encountered right of way issues and was briefly put on hold.

In 2021, Bauer was awarded with 10 more steel towers, consisting of 40 Bored Piles with 3000mm diameter and average depth of 15 m. The towers are located separately with minimum distance of 300 m, some along busy roads and inside towns with small roads that are very difficult to access. Additionally, the concrete retention time was minimum 10 hours as the location of the batching plants are far from the working site. Despite the challenges, the 2nd package was completed successfully with the use of BG 40 drilling rig.