New LRT Satellite Depot - Mixed-in-Place

Cavite, Philippines

The Zapote New Satellite depot is part of the expansion of the Country’s Light Railway Transit (LRT) Line-1. The 11.7km LRT-1 extension from Baclaran to Cavite will lessen the traffic congestion on the roads and will benefit the commuters coming from South Area to work in Metro Manila by lessening their travel time. The Zapote New Satellite depot will consist of a light maintenance building with two (2) tracks and 9 stabling tracks for 18 trains.


The subsoil condition of the project area consists of varying levels of significant thickness of very soft to very stiff silt, clay, and very loose to very dense sand. The challenge is to reach the average target strength of 2.6 MPa in this difficult soil condition. Hence, for the ground improvement required in this project, BAUER Foundations Philippines Inc. was awarded with the design and construction of the retaining wall via Mixed-in-Place (MIPTM ) Wall. The MIPTM Wall will reduce the settlement criteria to an acceptable level and will increase the shear strength of the soil before the future retaining wall, to guarantee the sufficient bearing capacity. Bauer installed a total of 33,683 lm of MIPTM columns in an interlocking grid using 550mm diameter double-auger mixing tool, drilled down to a depth of 14m with cement slurry being added.