Welcome to BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc.

BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc., a subsidiary of BAUER Spezialtiefbau GmbH (based in Germany), is a leading company for advanced foundation technology in the Philippines.

Established since 1995 and through company’s regional network, the Bauer South East Asia Pacific Network, BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc. carries out many challenging projects in the Philippines.

BAUER Foundations Philippines, Inc. has an effective and efficient work culture, and deliver innovative foundation techniques and geotechnic solutions to meet service and quality requirements of the client.



Digitalizing Site Processes through BAUER Applications
The leverage of digital technologies in the construction industry is an emerging trend for streamlining workflows and standardizing processes leading to holistic project success. At Bauer, we developed and integrated digital tools to optimize several site procedures – making them more efficient, secure, and reliable.


Soil Improvement by Stone Columns and Rigid Inclusions – A sustainable technology to mitigate the risk of liquefaction and to control settlements
The Philippines is in the middle of the Pacific Ring of Fire, which is one of the most seismic active areas on the globe with frequent strong earthquakes. ...


Soil Improvement by Single Column Mixing (SCM) Method - An excellent tool for challenging projects
The Asia Pacific Region is very exposed to natural hazards. The “Pacific Ring of Fire” crosses all along from Japan to New Zealand, causing frequently strong earthquakes in many countries.